Mid-Century Residence


Project History and Client Goals

The house was built in the early sixties and is a good example of the famed “Case Study Houses” of the time.

The clients wished to expand the lower level into a master suite and remodel the existing master bedroom into a library, a study and a den.

Design Focus

My design goal was to maintain the purity of the sixties’ style while incorporating new amenities into the building. I also focused on opening the lower level expansion into the woods that surround the property and, on allowing the filtered light into every room.


At the upper level, I used etched glass doors and clear glass transoms to maintain the open-plan feeling of the original design, while providing the privacy that my clients required at the library and at the den.

The master suite windows wrap around two sides of the building allowing full views of the woods. For the master bath I designed a large window that slides in both directions and lets the fresh air in during hot summer days. The soaking tub and double shower become and indoor-outdoor space where my clients can relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds them.

Front entry way to a high-end house in Saratoga