Client Goals and House History

Ernest Coxhead designed this home more than 100 years ago, with gracious, formal living areas and meticulous detailing, in the rich tradition of a small English Manor House. The client wanted an area of their home to be renovated and to be expanded with a new kitchen, a family room, a home office and a flower-arranging area. They were looking for a sensitive approach that would preserve the integrity of this unique and historical building while opening the house to the gardens and pool area.

Design Focus

I focused on adding the necessary space to the existing house, taking particular care that my approach was consistent with the historical aspects of the building, gave continuity to the interiors and did not crowd the adjacent swimming pool and gardens. I connected the remodeled spaces to the outdoors, both visually and physically.


I took the opportunity to expand this splendid design style beyond the point where works of Mr. Coxhead’s era typically left off. I carefully blended details that I borrowed from the original design with new details that I fashioned, to maintain a strong sense of design harmony. I expanded the elegance of the existing formal rooms of this old treasure to the new family room, breakfast nook, kitchen and flower-arranging areas. The exterior details, bay windows, leaded glass and shingles conform to the original style, while the contemporary floor plan opens the new areas of the house to the mature gardens and the swimming pool.

Front entry way to a high-end house in Saratoga
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